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Hello and welcome! I'm currently accepting beginner-intermediate students for violin, voice, piano, guitar & ukulele virtual lessons.


I teach a variety of styles, including pop/rock, R&B, classical, and jazz. All ages and abilities are welcome and your first lesson is free. I can't wait to get started!

My goal is to help students gain confidence in a new skill, provide a personalized experience, and of course, to make learning FUN. I make a conscious effort to provide a safe space for my students to explore their creativity and debunk the myth that you're "not a musician."


"What will I learn?"

  • Creative expression through music

  • Playing/Singing with proper technique

  • How to read and notate music

  • Elements of music (harmony, melody, rhythm, etc.)

  • Active Listening and Ear Training

  • Coordination

  • Focus and Concentration

  • Performance techniques

  • Preferred and recommended repertoire

I look forward to hearing your music!

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